Web Design & Development

A good web designer should be asking you more questions than you are asking them. It’s crucial to understand your brand, message, or service then build a site that will find your visitors and deliver your content on target regardless of the type of device they may be using.

We always believe that a good web designer will never stand in between a client and their content. That’s why we always recommend content management systems like WordPress. Once your new site is ready to go live, we will train you on how to make changes like adding images, text, or blog posts without having to pay a developer for their time. It’s your content, you should control it, and most importantly you should own it.

Solutions tailored to fit your needs.

If you are looking for a basic site, a heavily customized premium template based site or something hand coded from the ground up, we can make it happen.  Our business web development packages are affordable and include everything you will need to get online and grow your brand.  When you’re ready to have a conversation about your options online, just get in touch.  While we would love the chance to earn your business, high pressure sales tactics are not our style.  How about we start with coffee and move from there.  If the fit isn’t right, we will be happy to offer any helpful suggestions so you reach your goals.

Consulting Services

Search Engine Optimization

So you already have a website, awesome! How well is your current site performing?  Could you be doing more with what you already have in place?  What are your key demographics?  Who is searching for you and why?  Most importantly, do you have a strong web foundation that you can build on?  If you can’t answer these questions then we can help.  Talk to us about requesting an audit of your current site and getting some real feedback to help you answer those questions.

Any small business owner with a website older than 3 months probably gets the same cold calls we do every week.  Someone promising to “put your website on the first page of Google” but only if you sign a 12 month contract with their firm.  We have literally laughed ourselves off the phone with guys like that.  If any SEO vendor tries to guarantee you a result don’t walk, but run away.

Search Engine Marketing

While strong organic search results should be every website owners goal, you can’t do it without some Pay-Per-Click advertising thrown into your marketing mix.  If you need someone to manage your Google Adwords or Bing Ads campaign then it’s worth a few minuets of your time to talk to us about it.  Before you pull the trigger on big PPC contracts with re-sellers ( like the guys that used to sell you phonebooks ads ) we might be able to help you get started yourself.  Of course we can also handle your PPC needs for you, for much less than the big guys charge.

IT Support

Our nerdy roots still run deep into the support side of IT. If your network is too slow, or your office PC’s need some attention then let us lend a hand. How healthy is your small business network?  Do you know which machines are at risk of virus infection or behind on their updates?  Our workstation & server monitoring service can help reduce downtime by alerting you when something needs attention.  It doesn’t matter which flavor you choose, Windows, Mac or Linux.  We have a solution to keep you informed about the status of your systems.